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Stay warmer in the cold

Walking or riding a motorcycle are activities that become much more difficult to perform in the winter. It is even common to avoid some of them because of the cold. Our Smart Heating Vest helps you stay performing these activities without any kind of obstacle or limitation.

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High-tech technology to maintain your comfort

Made with carbon fibers, the heating is promoted by infrared, without harmful radiation. With nine heating points, high-quality cotton fabric and an inner display with charging, the vest will be your biggest partner in the winter and will provide you with a more comfortable way to get through this period.

The Smart Vest is different...

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Control the temperature

With manual temperature adjustment, click the button to change from 45 ºC (red light), 35 ºC (blue light) or 25ºC (white light).

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Heating throughout the vest

Nine heating zones: back, neck, shoulder, waist, both sides of the abdomen.

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Can be machine washed

Fully waterproof, carbon fibers are coated and protected, promoting greater safety.

Satisfied customers all over the world

Excellent product! I bought it for my motorcyclist husband, it broke my heart to see him working in the winter, but now he is always warm, it fits perfectly to the body and looks like a traditional vest when wearing.

Briella J.


The best acquisition of my life. I was not betting on the power of this vest, but it is sensational, you can change the temperature quickly when entering and leaving places, I never take it off. Highly recommended!

Jack S.


I had not understood that I would need to buy an external battery, so it took me a while to start using it. Anyway, it is of high quality. It fits well to the body and is like a normal vest.

Adam R.


Frequent Questions

The product is powered by a 5V energy bank.

On the outer top of the vest there is a button that changes the temperature from 45 ºC to 35 ºC or 25 ºC.

The vest can be washed normally in the washing machine or by hand.


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Worldwide shipping

We ship worldwide with insurance and online tracking code.

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30 days guarantee

30 days money back guarantee.

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Completely safe payment, by bank slip or credit card. Certified Process.

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